Extensions and alterations to existing water tower to form family dwelling, Doncaster.

JR Planning provided pre-application advice and prepared supporting documents to accompany this application for the innovative and attractive re-use of a redundant water tower.

The scheme, designed by Neil Bowen Architects, was produced to ensure minimal visual impact, to respect the character of the site, to provide a high quality of living environment within the site and to afford appropriate protection to neighbouring living conditions.

JR planning provided a detailed Planning Statement to accompany the application which allowed the Planning Officer to conclude, despite some local objections, as follows: “The proposed alterations and additions do give it a ‘modern’ appearance however this is the best way of treating such iconic structures as opposed to trying to recreate more rural looking features which would clash with the existing architecture. Modern developments can work in rural areas if they are proposals of note and good design that add something special to the locality. It is felt that this proposal does do this.”